Through the Lens Photography Club

is a new ministry opportunity sponsored by Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The club is open to anyone 16 years of age or older* with a passion for the art of photography. (*younger children may attend if accompanied by a parent)

Mission Statement

The mission of this ministry shall be to unite, in Christian fellowship, those who share an interest in capturing the beauty of God's creation through the art of photography and to provide educational opportunities to promote and encourage the advancement of its members in the knowledge and practice of photography.

Meeting Format

Each meeting will feature an instructive or illustrated presentation on some aspect of photography and/or a hands-on photo shoot to give participants the opportunity to practice their skills. Whenever possible, we will take time to view/evaluate the work of our members. Members are asked to create their own Flickr account ( for the purpose of uploading their works for viewing/commenting. A specific Flickr group has been created for members to join to make it easy to view the works of other members. For more information regarding the Flickr accounts/group, please talk to Deb DeJong (contact information is located on the Member Contact Information page within this website).

Meeting Dates/Time

Through the Lens will meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month (barring holidays) from 7:00-8:30 PM (may vary)
Special meetings/opportunities such as fellowship gatherings and photo shoots will be offered occasionally throughout the year.

Equipment Needed

Camera (any type)
Laptop or other mobile device (iPad) with photo capabilities (if available)
Editing Software (if available)

Contact Information

Gateway Church of the Nazarene
140 Gateway Drive, Oskaloosa, Iowa (across from Wal-Mart)


Deb DeJong