Like it or not, we are nearing the end of summer. The end of summer has a different meaning for all of us. For some it means no more vacations to look forward to. For some it feels depressing because it means school is starting up again. And for others it feels joyous because it means school is starting up again. (Especially for those with children still in school.) What are you feeling as we approach the end of summer? Upload your photos that represent summer's end on this page.

When you upload your photo(s) that represent this theme challenge, be sure to size down the photo and include the photo's title (if any) and your name in the caption. For instructions on how to add a photo to this page, please see the corresponding handout located on the "Handouts" page.
Late Summer Fields.jpg
Late Summer Fields in Iowa - Kim Harsselaar

Late Summer Long Shadows.jpg
Long Shadows at the end of late Summer Day - Kim Harsselaar

Here's Lookin' At You.jpg
Here's Lookin' At You - Deb DeJong