Arkansas Headwaters-4.jpgThe scripture upon which Through the Lens Photography Club was founded is Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning, God created..." No form of photography illustrates this scripture better than that of landscape photography. Wikipedia defines landscape photography this way: "Landscape photography is intended to show different spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Photographs typically capture the presence of nature and are often free of man-made obstructions. Landscape photographers often attempt to document the space as well as convey an appreciation of the scenery." The sole intention of the landscape photographer to capture the beauty and power of the world surrounding us in a way that stirs up emotion in heart of the viewer.

A lot of people think that landscape photography is as simple as finding a beautiful spot and snapping the shutter. There is, however, a whole lot more to good landscape photography. Like any other form of photography, there are guidelines to consider when composing landscape photos. This page will highlight some tips you can use to ensure you capture a gorgeous photo.

Click on the following flipbook I have created for tips to make your landscape photos spectacular. And remember...good photography has nothing to do with the equipment used, it has EVERYTHING to do with the eye of the photographer.

For a handout that highlights all of the points in this flipbook, please refer to the Photo Composition/Editing section on the "Handouts" page of this wiki.