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Deb DeJong (facilitator)
Flickr name: dejongdd

Rob Hammann
Flickr name: runrobrun
Personal Website(occasional photos and editing tutorials)

Lindsey Liljedahl
Flickr name: lij072482

Joe Kaskadden
Flickr name: terrykas

Michelle Purdum
Flickr name: michellepurdumphotography

Deb German
Flickr name: debgerman

Ted Harger
Flickr name: tvharger

Mechele Harger
Flickr name: mlharger

Ila Ruby
Flickr name: rubyila

Debbie Farrow
Flickr name: debfarrow

Kim Harsselaar
Flickr name: riverview82

Jodi Boatright
Flickr name: AKgal22

Shari Barnhart
Flickr name: barnhartshari

Joshua Van Zee
Flickr name: Dutchman J

Tina Marshall
Flickr name: mommamagic

D'Arcy Ver Beek
Flickr name: darcyvb

Jill Thompson
Flickr name:Jylanne

Julie Curiel
Flickr name: jcuriel12

Ashley Becker
Flickr name: Ashley K Becker

Bailey Barnhart
Flickr Name: Bailey.Barnhart13

Jeff Morris
FlIckr Name: jmorris130

Deb Mattson
Flickr name:debmattson

Sara Sieren
Flickr Name: Sara Cufr

Michaela Morris
Flickr Name: michaelam1015

Ann Fender
Flickr Name: ann.fender

Bob Ballard
Flickr name: Bobbo'sPics

Katina Smith